How to Set Clock on Jvc Stereo?


To set the clock on a jvc stereo you have to press and hold the set button until you see demo appear and then realse the button. Use the arrows to select the clock, use the tuning dial to set the clock and then press set again.
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How to Set the Clock on a JVC Stereo
When choosing a stereo for your vehicle, the process for operating all of its features should be easy enough to learn quickly. Most often we think of the more advanced functions of our new deck, like CD playback or satellite radio control, rather than... More »
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1. Turn on the JVC stereo by pressing the "Power" button at the top left corner of the stereo's face. 2. Press the "AV Menu" button, found at the top of the stereo's
Press and hold the set button until you see "demo" appear, and then release the set
it is in the owners manual as long as you didnt steal it.
To set the time press and hold the select button in the centre of the volume dial until the word demo appears on the screen. From here you can change the time by pressing the next
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To set the clock on your JVC car stereo you hold the SEL button down to enter the basic menu. The fast forward button selects the Clock H option. The control knob ...
Press and hold the select button turn the outside of the select button until the clock appears select time with forward and back arrow keys press the select button ...
To set the clock on a JVC cd player, you will need to press the SEL button. From there look for CLOCK DISP. The display will tell you how to set the hours and ...
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