How to Set Clock on Pioneer Car Stereo?


To set your clock on a pioneer car stereo it depends up on the version you have. Here are a couple of things you can try. Turn your stereo OFF. Press and hold down the 'multi-control' button for a few seconds until the display comes on on. Rotate the button until is says clock. For older versions with no mult-control button pres and hold the 'function' or 'audio' button until the display comes up. Then press it again until the display reads 'clock'. You can use the up and down button to adjust the hours and minutes on the mult- control button. For older models use the left and right arrows to adjust the hours and the up and down buttons to adjust the minutes. To exit just press the 'escape' or 'source' button.
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1. Turn off your Pioneer Premier car stereo by pressing, holding, and releasing the "Off" button, which is sometimes shared with the "Scr" button. 2. Press your
1) Switch the sources to 'Off' 2) Press the "Audio" button for 2 seconds. This is the button to the upper right of the 4 arrows. 3) Adjust the time using the left or right
1.Press "source" until the unit turns off 2.Press "audio"
For most older Pioneer single CD players, you can set the clock using the following steps:
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How Do You Set the Clock on a Pioneer Car Stereo?
Very few of us hold onto car stereo instructions, yet Daylight Savings requires us to change the clock on our stereos twice a year. Pioneer has been making car stereos since the early 1970s, so there are slightly different ways to set the clock depending... More »
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Since Pioneer has been making car stereos since the 1970s, there are different ways in which to set the clock radio on your stereo. For older Pioneer stereos, simply press and hold the source button until the radio shuts off. Once the radio is off, press and hold the source button until the clock appears. Some older models have a function or audio button instead of the source button. Once the clock appears, simply press the right or left arrow to select your time. The up-and-down arrows will increase or decrease the numbers. Once you have the correct time set, simply press the source button to exit.
If you have a Pioneer car stereo you may be asking yourself How do I set the clock on this thing?. Well fortunately the answer is very simple, since I'm not there with you I can't show you how to do it, but I can show you how to find out! What you need to do is pop on over to the Pioneer website, because they have been every so helpful in loading up the manuals for most of the products they make. Go to the site, click support, enter your product information and you'll find the directions for how to set the clock. You can find more information at
To set the clock on your Pioneer car stereo start by putting the keys in the ignition, turn your radio to off, find the multi control (function or audio) button and press and hold it until the word clock comes up and quickly release, push the multi function button again until clock comes up again and then you can either turn the dial or press up or down buttons to set hour and minute.
To set the clock on a Pioneer car stereo hold down the function button for about 3 seconds. This should cause the display to come on and the hour flash. Using the up and down buttons change the hour to the correct time. Then using the left and right buttons select the minutes and using the up and down buttons change the minuets to the correct time. Press the Function button again to save the time.
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To change the clock of the pioneer car stereo, the first thing is to turn the CD player off, and then strike the clock for some time to show and after that press ...
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