How do you set motion sensor lights?


Position far from the sensor so it does not turn on. Walk toward the sensor until the light activates to determine its range and direction. twist the face of the sensor slightly to adjust the direction of its path. A small adjustment can drastically change the path of the sensor Locate the dial on the bottom of the motion sensor with a flashlight. Turn the dial 1/2 inch. Depending on the dial's design, you may need to insert a screwdriver to more easily adjust the dial. Stand back from the sensor and walk toward it until the light activates.
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1. Find the "Sensory Adjustment Dial" on the bottom of your motion sensor light fixture. The dial has three settings: "Low, "Medium" and "High. The &
1. Turn off electricity to light fixture(s) being replaced. Ad. 2. Remove existing ceiling fixtures. 3. Replace fixtures with motion-sensor fixtures, installing junction boxes if
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1. With power restored and wallplate removed, use your finger or a small screwdriver to adjust the light sensitivity and time settings on the device as follows: Light Level Adjustment
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