How do I set a radio-controlled clock?


To set up your clock, plainly fit one fresh AA, LR6 alkaline battery. Choose your time zone by pushing one of the four time zone buttons PT-Pacific Time, MT-Mountain Time, CT-Central Time, or ET-Eastern Time. Set the alarm by pressing the 'Alarm Set' button once and then press the plus '+' or '-' keys to the exact time you want.
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1. Remove the battery cover and insert fresh batteries. Make sure you get the polarity correct and that the plus and minus labels match up. 2. Close the battery cover, and the display
The whole idea behind these "radio controlled" and so-called "atomic" clocks is that. you. don't set them. They pick up a radio signal with time and date information
1. Set the time you want to wake up--this doesn't have to be the time you are getting up in the morning; you may want to take a nap and need to wake up at a specific time. 2. Decide
1. Verify that the alarm has been properly set on the clock radio. Make sure that AM or PM has been set for the time of day. 2. Verify that you have set the alarm mode for the clock
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How to Set a Radio-Controlled Clock
Radio-controlled clocks, also called "atomic" clocks, give you the most precise time available. Once initially set-up, they keep themselves set via radio waves from the U.S. atomic clock in Colorado. The time is accurate to 10 billionths of a second per... More »
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