How To Set The Clock On A Pioneer Mosfet 50Wx4?


It is simple to learn how to set the clock on a Pioneer Mosfet 50wx4. Press the Clock button on the radio and the time will display. Press and hold the Function button for three or four seconds. The display should then come on, and the hour should be flashing. Use the Up and Down buttons on the radio to change the setting for the hour. Use the Left or Right keys to change the minutes. When the minutes are flashing, press the Up and Down keys to set the minutes correctly. When you are finished, press the Function key again to store the new time. The clock should now be set on the Pioneer Mosfet 50wx4 car radio.
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Hold source button until radio turns off and clock is visible. Next, hold audio button until clock starts to blink. Audio button is top right hand button next to arrows. Then use
Hold source until unit is off, press audio until clock
Turn the stereo off. The volume dial has four buttons surrounding it: Left/Right, Up/Down. Press the volume dial until the hour starts blinking. Use the Up/Down buttons to set the
This works on most newer Pioneer models. 1. Press and HOLD the source button till the radio shuts off. ( 2. Press and hold the FUNCTION button until the display pops up, then release
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To set the clock on a Pioneer Mosfet 50wx4 make sure the car is on but the radio is off. Then hold the multi-control button for two seconds. Rotate the button until you see Clock. You can find more information at
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The Mosfet Pioneer 50wx4 includes an auxiliary input on the head unit. This port will accept a standard 3.5mm male headphone plug. Simply connect a male-to-male ...
Horde and grip the "SRC/OFF&Quot; button on your Pioneer car CD player until the unit powers down. Note that the "SRC/OFF&Quot; button ...
Herd and hold the SOURCE button until the unit turns down. Herd and hold SOURCE again until the clock shows up (With some genres you will herd and hold the FUNCTION ...
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