How to Set the Time on Fossil Watches?


How to Set the Time on Fossil Watches is easy if it is manual. Move the hands to the appointed time. If the watch is electric, push the corresponding buttons for the hour and minutes. Set each one by pressing the button once.
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1. Look at the face of the Fossil watch. Determine if it is completely analog, which means there is only one dial and no digital features; completely digital, meaning there are no
Fossil do not have a list of instructions under model numbers but issue a list of generic instructions which you have to wade through to find the one that suits your watch. Go to
1. Figure out what type of railroad watch you have. The most common type is the lever-set watch. The other types include key-set, stem-set and pin-set watches. 2. On a lever-set watch
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How to Set the Time on Fossil Watches
Fossil offers a range of stylish watches from classical to contemporary designs, varying from analog to multifunction. But, as attractive as your watch may be, you still need to know how to set the time.... More »
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Press the 'adjust' button on the top left side of the face of the watch. Choose the numbers you want to change on the digital screen by using the 'mode' button ...
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To set the time on a digital watch is very easy. All you have to do is press down and hold adjust and then the time digits will flash. Then, press down start/ ...
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