How do you set trim on an outboard?


Distribute the weight of the people boarding the boat and adjust the outboard to a down position. Adjust the angle of the outboard after unlocking the latch and increment the speed of the motor and trim slowly. Push down the handle to adjust the trim of the outboard.
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1. Determine how many people are going to be riding in the boat. Then, distribute the weight evenly from the front to the back. Launch the boat into the water. 2. Trim or adjust the
The tilt / trim unit on the Yamaha 90, is a self contained, sealed unit. It is designed to be self bleeding, by running the unit to full up, from full down position, through several
To check the fluid level, tilt the motor up and engage the tilt lock lever. Open the bolt on top of the tilt/trim reservoir. The fluid should be even with the bottom of the bolt hole
If the boat planes easily with only two of you, and there's no issue in compression, prop, etc. then odds are it's just a lot of weight for a small motor and probably a heavy boat
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How To Set Trim on an Outboard
The process of setting the trim for an outboard motor is adjusting the motor to find the proper level to obtain plane. When a boat is in plane, it is sitting level and in the optimal position to move efficiently through the water. A boat that is not on... More »
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