How to Set up a Fishing Reel?


To set up a fishing reel, open the bail by pushing it forward and down with your hand. Close the bail by either manually closing it with your hand or by turning the handle one rotation. Keep the line taut and begin to win the line onto the spool. Spool the appropriate amount of line onto the reel. Attach the reel to the rod and securely tighten the lock rings by screwing them or sliding them down.
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1. Assemble your fishing rod and reel, carefully following the manufacturer's suggestions and instructions. Thread your fishing line through the eyelets and out the tip of the reel
To spool a fishing reel you can do it alone or better with someone else so you dont have any knots in the reel. Start out by making sure its tight when your spooling it up into the
Learning how to string a fishing reel is not a difficult task, but stringing a reel properly does take a sharp eye and some old-fashioned patience. While the easiest way to string
You can put fishing line on a reel with a machine, but it always seems to snag when I go three quarters of the way through. I like to put line on the reel by threading it through
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