How to Set up a Fly Rod?


In setting up a fly rod, match the rod to the line. Don't expect perfection from less than perfect equipment. Using poor quality line, reel or rod will lead to disappointment in the presentation. If you are just experimenting with fly fishing, use equipment. It can be very discouraging to try to cast a fly on a fly rod that isn't matched to the line. For instance, if you are fishing in a small stream, you need a relatively short rod (7 ft.) with a four to five weight (fairly lightweight) line.
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How to Set Up a Fly Rod
Fly fishing is one of life's most relaxing pleasures, but only if your fly rod is set up right. You want your fly rod to be an extension of your arm and your fly to sail effortlessly through the air. If your rod is set up right, that is what it will feel... More »
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To set up a fly rod, you first need to match the rod to the end of the line and then match the line guides up with eachother. Attach the reel to the rod and push the line through
1. Match the rod to the line. Don't expect perfection from less than perfect equipment. If you are using a poor quality line, reel or rod, you will be disappointed in the performance
1 Wet the cork. You can do this with either a wet cloth or paper towel, or by putting the grip under running water. Ad 2 Apply the cleaning solution to the rod grip. Acceptable cleaners
Thank you, Larry. I edited my original response and posted some links for knots and a loop to loop connection. From his first question about what type of rod to buy. for bass fishing
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When it comes to fish fly fishing differs from other types of fishing since fly fishing is done primarily in fast-moving water that would make other forms of fishing ...
The term flying rod refers to a mysterious rod-shaped object that is caught on a video footage, or appears in photographs. It is said to be mysterious due to the ...
1. Attach your fly reel to the fly rod and run backing through the rod guides and tie it to the spool or arbor with the arbor knot. Backing is a Dacron line that ...
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