How to Set up a Pool Tournament?


If you want to set up a pool tournament, make sure you pick out a good venue. Decide on the game of choice and style of match play. Next, figure out the pay out. Then advertise your event as much as you can.
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How to Set Up a Pool Tournament
Whether playing in a large pool hall or in a friend's basement, there's nothing quite like a good game of pool. While playing one-on-one is fun, a tournament ups the intensity and allows everyone to get in on the fun and have a stake in the competition.... More »
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1. Decide the type of game that will be played. In most cases, this is a choice between 8-ball and 9-ball. You might want to ask the participants what their preference is. 2. Decide
Pool halls or bars with an abundance of tables are always willing to host a pool tournament. A pool tournament is a good way to bring in customers, and bars love them because players
When setting up a pool table, take all 15 of the colored balls and put the into the triangular rack, with the 8 ball in the center, and place on the "center" dot on the
1 Get the lay of the land. As soon as the tournament teams are announced, read sports sites and blogs to figure out the scuttlebutt on all the promising and not-so-promising teams
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The way to set up a pool tournament is fairly simple for those who are interested in doing so. This can be done by people who want to be included in the games ...
To set up a billiards pool tournament, decide the type of game that will be played. Decide how many players will be in the tournament. Set up winnings. Finally ...
There are few steps needed to be taken when setting up a billiards pool tournament. One way this is done includes first finding a venue for the tournament to take ...
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