How to Set up a Reading Fair Board?


Deciding how to set up a reading fair board will depend on the child's age group. Generally speaking, a reading fair is designed to allow a child to exhibit his or her favorite book and things that demonstrate ideas or characters presented in the book. Make sure to read all requirements before beginning. Help your child choose a book appropriate for his age group. After choosing a book, help him explore ideas that will add to the experience of the reading board. For example, if the book is about the beach, perhaps he can glue real seashells to the board and have a recording of the ocean waves sounds playing. Visit this link for description of a reading fair and ideas on boards for all ages:
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A reading fair board is normally a trifold board. It will have separate pictures that reads like a story board of the book's major points. The background might depict the major theme of the book. Their might be captions, or the reader may just explain the reading fair board. For more information look here: Some reading fair winners;
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