How to Set up a Research Paper?


To set up a research paper you have to have the introduction, the body, then the conclusion. Having all that information about the subject in that order, you have set up your research paper.
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1. Check with instructor or journal specifications that predetermine specific layouts and setup of research papers. Journal specifications can be listed on the submissions page in
You start a research paper by deciding on a topic and starting research. You want to develop your main idea and do the research from there. Next you want to do an outline of the paper
1. Click on the "Insert" tab in Microsoft Word 2007. Choose "Header" in the "Header and Footer" group. 2. Double click on the header area on the first
1. Choose a topic that you want to research. This can be a personal topic of choice, a topic related to your job, or something you want to pursue in the future. 2. Know what genre
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How to Set Up a Research Paper
Research papers provide a process for examining arguments on specific topics. They are used in academic writing, scientific research and business to promote specific ideas. Setting up a research paper establishes the formal structure of the paper.... More »
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