How to Set up a Research Paper?


To set up a research paper you have to have the introduction, the body, then the conclusion. Having all that information about the subject in that order, you have set up your research paper.
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1. Check with instructor or journal specifications that predetermine specific layouts and setup of research papers. Journal specifications can be listed on the submissions page in
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1. Click on the "Insert" tab in Microsoft Word 2007. Choose "Header" in the "Header and Footer" group. 2. Double click on the header area on the first
1. Pick a topic. Be sure to choose a topic that is relevant to your life in some way. It is likely that you will be spending a great deal of time on this project; therefore, you want
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How to Set Up a Research Paper
Research papers provide a process for examining arguments on specific topics. They are used in academic writing, scientific research and business to promote specific ideas. Setting up a research paper establishes the formal structure of the paper.... More »
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