How to Set up a Rifle Scope?


To set up a rifle scope, lie or stand in your comfortable shooting position and look to the target through your Rifle Scope. Adjust the cross hairs so that they align the bullet’s strike hole and they should be in positioned in the center of the target (called zeroing the scope). Try firing to a distant target to check the alignment.To know more about setting up a rifle scope visit
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1. Remove the screws from the scope rings and separate the halves. 2. Place the scope into the rings, replace the top halves and partially tighten the screws so that the scope can
1 Identify what you are looking at. When looking at two different scopes you must first manage to identify them. Most rifle scopes have a marking composed of two or more numbers,
Here's the basics on mounting the scope on a rifle. ( Assuming you have a scope mount on the rifle. 1. Place the bottom half of the scope rings on the rifle first (Without the scope
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