How to Set up a Rifle Scope?


To set up a rifle scope, lie or stand in your comfortable shooting position and look to the target through your Rifle Scope. Adjust the cross hairs so that they align the bullet’s strike hole and they should be in positioned in the center of the target (called zeroing the scope). Try firing to a distant target to check the alignment.To know more about setting up a rifle scope visit
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1. Locate the rail on the top surface of the rifle. This rail isn't just for show. It is where you will be attaching your scope. 2. Attach the scope. Your scope probably came with
1 Mount the scope. Get your rifle and mount the scope with mounts that are designed to take as much recoil as your rifle will produce. This is very important because if you are shooting
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1. Identify your primary workspace. Be it a computer desk, a table, an easel or some other work surface, each person has their own main space they work from. You'll want to position
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