How to Set up a Tent?


If you will be setting up a tent, you need to find a fairly flat spot of land on which to pitch your tent. If possible, pick a spot that is somewhat sheltered. You'll need to lay down the floor first and drive stakes into each of the four corners of the tent. Follow the instructions for your particular tent as to which pole goes into what slot and what sections need to be staked.
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How to Set Up a Tent
The first step in setting up a tent is reading the instructions, after which it helps to practice in order to get familiar with the materials. Learn about the importance of location when setting up a tent with help from a recreational kayaking instructor... More »
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Setting up a pop-up tent isn't as easy as you may expect. Pop tents are about as easy to erect as any tent out there. But, you've still got to follow the directions. Take Stock of
1 Fish the poles into each hole of the tent one side to another . 2 Place the ends of each pole and place them in the floor holes . 3 Put the tent in the circular hole on the side
Set up instructions for tents that are in Eureka!s current product line can be found at You click on an individual product page, then download the instructions pdf
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