How do you set up a trust fund for a child?


A trust fund a great way to ensure the safe and secure future of your child even after you are gone. There are two types of trust funds that you can set up: one is trust fund in which you can decide on the amount of money that will go the child every year; and, the second type is one in which the money will be accessible only when the child becomes an adult. Consult a lawyer to draw up a will that will dictate the amount of money and assets that will go to the child.
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1. Name the trust after your child. Choose a trust name that isn't too lengthy. For example, "Bobby Smith Trust" is less cumbersome than, "The Bobby Jason Smith Trust
1 Decide what type of Trust you want to set up. There are many different kinds of Trusts that are named specifically for what they are intended to accomplish [1] . For example, Trusts
You will need the services of a financial adviser, an accountant or a solicitor. Be sure you get this professional advice so that the trust is set up as you need it to be. You can
Unless you are rich or terminally ill, a trust fund for your kids is not a good idea. Rich people use them to be able to pass money to their children tax free. (It is completely legal
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How to Set Up a Child Trust Fund
The Child Trust Fund is a UK government initiative designed to help children and their parents save for their future and give the child a better start to their adult life. Each child born after September 1 2002 and whose parents claim Child Benefit will... More »
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In setting up a child’s trust fund, first find a suitable trustee of the fund until the child is 18years, old enough t withdraw money. The parent, grandparent or guardian may then decide when to set up the fund: whether while alive or after they have passed away.
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