How to Set up Digital TV?


The best way to set up a Digital TV is to buy a Set Top Box (STB). You can view free channels or pay for the whole package of channels. Connect the aerial or satellite dish to the RF in of the STB (it is usually in the back). Now connect the RF out from the STB to the RF in or RCB input (depending on the cable provided by the manufacturer). Now switch on the STB and the TV. Set your TV to auto tune from the menu options and it will scan for the available channels.
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1. Buy a digital-to-analog signal converter. A digital television signal converter, often called a converter box, acts as a translator, receiving digital television signals and converting
I need the brand name of the remote control to get you
= Answer = There is an article at TechLore that can instruct you on how to connect your computer to your TV. The article link is here: <A href=
They are referring to the type of signal that is sent out from TV networks, channels, etc. to the satellites which then get picked up by contract television providers, like Comcast,
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