How to Set up LLC?


To set up an LLC, you have to have an attorney or firm draw up the proper papers. They will also file the papers properly for you as well. There is usually a fee involved. For more information look here: Setting Up an LLC;
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Setting up an LLC is easy, but you have to do some research of what your local area requires of small business owners. Sometimes there is a fee to pay to get a business started.
1. Get a copy of the LLC articles of organization form for your state. You can find this a the secretary of state's office. Also, ask if your state has any rules concerning business
1. Decide on a name for your new limited liability company. Check the Nevada secretary of state website ( for a list of all businesses registered in the state. Your limited
How much it costs varies greatly by county. NYC will be much more expensive than the rest of the state. My LLC was able to do it ourselves for only $200, and some time. Embed Quote
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To set up an LLC you'll need to file a Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State. Additionally, you'll need a registered agent and a membership agreement ...
To set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) contact the Secretary of State Office in your State and get the forms. The requirements vary from state to state. ...
To get a llc set up you will need to do your researc on benefits of owning an LLC. You will need a computer, internet access, and credit or debit card. For more ...
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