How to Sew Beads on Fabric?


A very tedious job to be done. Generally done by hand with a thin sewing needle and thread, the tiny beads had to be sewn onto fabrics. This is done by hand even today.
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1. Knot your thread and insert the needle in the fabric from underneath, bring it to the top side of the fabric and string on the required length of beads. Lay the beads down on the
1 Make a note of laundering instructions when you purchase fabric. Most fabric stores will give you labels with these directions automatically, but if they are not available, make
Beads and sequins are typically sewn onto fabrics. Sometimes they are used to create a pattern or style on the fabric. Other times they are used to enhance an existing pattern or
Overview If you sew your own garments, you'll eventually come across a project that requires you to sew gathers. These tiny tucks, which emerge from the seams between garment pieces
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How to Sew Beads on Fabric
T-shirts, blouses and purses can be enhanced with beads. Make a single row of beads in a design or around a collar or sleeve. This procedure is called the "couching" method in bead work. It is done by using two threaded needles.... More »
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