How to Sew Cat Ears?


To make cat ear, cut four triangles and start by cutting four triangles from a back felt and two more from cardboard. Put one cardboard triangle amidst two felt triangles and do the same for the other. Cut off two tiny triangles from pink left and a strip of felt that is long enough and wide enough. Finish up by gluing the ears after you cover the entire headband.
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Draw two circles. Make the big circle on the bottom and a smaller one on the top. Give it eyes, a face, whiskers and two triangle ears.
1. Taper the length of the cardboard, halfway to the end, to measure 2 by 8 inches. Round the 2-inch end. 2. Fold the square of fall fabric in half with the right sides together.
Video Transcript. So I've sewn up one of these two little ears but obviously can't sew it up all the way because the fold if you remember the way we cut it the flat part goes up against
1 Find a scrap of fabric suitable for making the cat doll. The scrap needs to be roughly rectangular or squarish in shape and large enough to make the cat in the size you're wanting
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You can easily make cat ears and a tail from fabric and plastic bags. For the ears, simply cut out 4 triangles of equal sides. Sew into a pair of ears, leaving ...
To make Neko girl eat the tail get fabric, cut the pink felt into two more triangles two inches high, sew one onto each ear using the pink thread, stuff the ears ...
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