How to Sew Elastic?


To sew elastic, begin by securing the elastic to the fabric. Stretch the elastic as hard as you can without damaging it or the fabric. Use a zig zag stitch to sew the elastic to the fabric. When you are finished, your fabric should 'bunch up'.
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To begin to sew elastic you will need to gather all the materials for sewing the elastic. The next step is to measure the elastic and figure out what it is being used for.
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1. Take the piece of your garment onto which you need to sew elastic cord. Measure the fabric distance that the cord needs to travel while the fabric is stretched to its full width.
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When sewing elastic on fabric, begin by securing it to the fabric. Use a longer stitch length on your sewing machine. Stretch the elastic while sewing a zig zag ...
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1. Check the packaging the sewing elastic came in when you bought it. It should indicate what types of fabric it is compatible with and what uses the elastic was ...
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