How to Shake Your Butt?


It works really good if you have a Little John beat on. Just plant your feet together and move your hips from side to side. Now move your hips up and down.
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It can be very simple learning how to shake your butt! All you have to do is simply move your hips back and forth and your bottom will go right along with it!
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Shaking your butt is something that anyone can do! All you have to do is stand in one spot, and then shake your behind from left to right! Put on your favorite music and have some
you shake your butt by shaking your hips very fast.
Butts shake because the person makes there butt move. It may jiggle due to excess body fat
shake it! ya you just kinda have to shake... don't know how to
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This is a question that every girl wants answered! First, put on good dance music and relax. Move your hips forward and backwards while pumping your arms in ...
There isn't any one right way or technique to pop your butt as they say. All this usually entails is to rapidly shake your butt in a certain fashion that they ...
Gaining weight in your butt only is not easy to do, unless you tend to already be heavier there. Try drinking protein shakes which are full of nutrients and vitamins ...
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