How to Shape a Cake into a Mole?


Cakes are shaped into molds, and I believe that is what you mean, for special occasions. For instance, a football for a Super Bowl party, or a graduation cap for a graduate's party. The cake is cooked in the pan that is shaped like the object. For more information look here: Here is an Example of Mold Cake Pans;
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Get a football or a good decent size picture of one. Make a flat cake as the directions on the box say. Using a very sharp knife, slowly cut the cake like the shape of a football.
1. Bake a single layer, round banana cake and a separate batch of banana cupcakes from the same batter. Set both baked items in your refrigerator to cool for at least two hours to
1. Make a regular cake. 2. Then shape it in to a heart shape cake by using a cake stencil. 3. Bake it. Then let it cool down for awhile. 4. Put the icing on the cake. If you want,
It is round and absolutely delicious :
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You can bake a fish-shaped cake with two round cake pans. One of the circles will be the body of the fish. The second cake can be cut into two crescent shapes, ...
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