How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmers?


After repeated usage of electric head trimmers, the blades become dull and the job takes even longer to accomplish. You can use an on-board clamp tool to sharpen the electric hedge trimmers. Use the short grinds so as to prevent building up too much heat and making the blade too brittle.
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1. Find a flat surface to work on. Unplug the electric hedge trimmers and place them on the table top with the blades facing away from you. 2. Using a pair of pliers or vice grip,
one tooth at a time on both sides. Answer unplug it first.
My husband removes them, lightly sands off any accumulated debris and then sharpens them on his grindingwheel. Source(s) Watching the pro.
Unless you have a surface grinder they are difficult to do without causing more harm than good, take the trimmer to a pro with the right equipment.
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How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmers
Electric hedge trimmers save you time and are easier on your arms than manual trimmers. When those blades become dull, the job takes longer to accomplish. Instead of making a clean cut on the stems, they are mashed and bruised, making them more... More »
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An electric hedge trimmer can be expensive but the cost is balanced by the job it handles. You do not have to do as much work with your arms as a manual trimmer. Like a manual trimmer, the blades do dull after awhile. Before you sharpen the blades, make sure the trimmer is turned off and unplugged. In order to ensure the sharpening is successful, you need to remove the blades and place them on a flat top, preferably a table. Using a vice grip, clamp the blade down on the table. Using a file, begin in short bursts with sharpening. Make sure you are wearing eye protection and gloves so you do not get hurt.
To sharpen electric hedge trimmers you need to use a metal filer on each blade. Test the blades with paper to insure they are sharp enough. You can find more info at:
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