How to Sharpen Figure Skates?


To sharpen figure skates, look up the Radius of Hollow (ROH) for your brand of skates in the owner's manual and buy an abrasive cylinder tool with a cylinder that matches the ROH of your blades then secure your skate in a vies so that bottom of the blade is horizontal and facing upward and apply a small amount of honing oil to a fine-grained whetstone then run the stone along the outside edges of the blade from front to back, a few times on each side, holding the stone so that it is at a 10-degree angle vertical to the blade then place the abrasive cylinder tool onto the blade, and run it from front to back a few times to hone the inside edges and finally wipe down the blade with a clean damp cloth to remove any metal shavings, then repeat from Step 2 for the other skate.
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How to Sharpen Figure Skates
Regardless of your skill level, you need a good, well-maintained pair of figure skates to get around the ice. One of the most important factors for maintaining your figure skates is to make sure that the edge is sharp. A dull edge will allow the skate to... More »
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To sharpen hockey skates it would be best to take them to a professional. You can also purchase a kit of your own. The kit needs to be designed for your particular skate brand.
Absolutely do not attempt to sharpen your skates. You need to have a professional do it. They shouldn't charge more than $15-25 for skate sharpening at your rink. However, rink employees
It usually takes about 10-15 min and you can get it done at any ice rink at the place where you rent skates.
1. Inspect your skate's groove using a magnifying glass. Note how deep the grove is and how steeply it is ground into the blade. The depth of the groove is known as the range of hollow
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You sharpen skates with a special grinding wheel. This wheel is aligned so that it will grind the hollows precisely. It is only taking off a minimal amount of ...
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