Sharpening Knives?


To sharpen knives properly you will need: whetstone, machine oil and clean cloth. Soak the whetstone in oil overnight. Be certain to store it in a clean area before use. Apply a little oil on the whetstone before use. Hold the knife at a 30-degree angle over the coarse side of the stone and move the blade diagonally over the stone. Turn the knife over and repeat the process. Now move to the fine side and repeat the process again. Remove the debris from the knife using a soft clean cloth and make sure there is no oil on it before using. Learn more about sharpening knives at
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How to Sharpen Knives Properly
When you own knives, you will have to sharpen them at some point. To avoid accidents from trying to use a dull blade, it's vital to maintain the knife's sharp edge so that it cuts easily. Sharpening a knife properly ensures that it performs its best.... More »
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1. Use a whetstone that is smooth on one side and rough on the other. If it is new, soak it overnight in light machine oil, then use a cloth soaked in mineral spirits to wipe away
Sharpening a knife is skill that takes practice. Storing and caring for knives properly reduces how often knives will need to be sharpened. To sharpen, a whetstone will be used to
A serrated knife is commonly used for slicing through bread. Every so often, the blade needs to be sharpened, or it will begin to shred or tear rather than slice through food. But
1 Purchase sharpening steel. As suggested by the name, a sharpening steel is designed to sharpen dull knives. Sharpening steel can be found at most culinary supply stores, as well
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1. Lubricate the sharpening stone. Moisten a rag with mineral oil. Rub a moderate coating of the mineral oil over the entire stone. 2. Place the sharpening stone ...
People can sharpen butcher knives by running them over a sharpening stone. It is necessary to sharpen knives for proper cuts and to avoid injuries. ...
Sharpening Global knives with a ceramic water sharpener takes a few seconds to achieve an edge that lasts. Global knives are designed to be low maintenance using ...
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