How do you sharpen loppers?


Loppers are types of scissors used in the garden for pruning twigs and small branches. Materials and tools needed for the work are screwdriver and protective materials. To sharpen loppers, wear protective clothes (mask, gloves) to protect your eye and hand. Unfasten the bolt on the blades with a screwdriver. Put the loppers in the clamp. Clean the blades with steel wool to remove dirt, vegetative debris and rust. Run the file along the outside edges of the blade in a long, smooth motion. Clean the blade with sandpaper to remove any burs in the metal left from filing. Lubricate the blade with vegetable oil to protect them from rust. For more information you can follow this link
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1. Don protective eye wear and gloves to protect yourself from flying metal and sharp edges. 2. Loosen the bolt that secures the blades with a screwdriver. Open the blades as wide
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Loppers are the second most useful tool in your pruning arsenal. The long handles let you reach far and exert high leverage with minimal exertion, letting you comfortably cut anything
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How to Sharpen Loppers
Loppers are an integral part of any gardener's tool box. Their scissorlike action quickly cuts through small branches on shrubs and trees. Like all tools, these long-handled pruning shears vary in cost according to the quality of construction and... More »
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