How do you sharpen loppers?


Keeping lopping shears sharp helps plants to recover quickly from trimming. The process takes a few minutes if you use a flat diamond file. A bench vice to secure the loppers makes the job easier. Wear gloves and eye protection to prevent injury.

  1. Clean the shears

    Use soap and water to clean the shears. If you have used the shears for trimming evergreens, use kerosene to remove any sap that has accumulated on the blades.

  2. Insert in the vice

    Insert the handles of the shears in the vice with the blades open in an upward position. Tighten the vice.

  3. Sharpen with the bevel

    For very dull blades, use a coarse file. For routine sharpening, use a medium one. Place the file at the back of the blade, at the same angle as the bevel. Keep it at this angle for the entire stroke. With a single stroke, move the file from the back of the blades to the tip. File away from yourself. Use water as the lubricant.

  4. Repeat with second blade

    Move to the opposite blade, and repeat the process.

  5. Protect the blades

    After cleaning and sharpening, apply a thin coat of motor oil to protect the blades. Clean and oil after each use to prevent rust.

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How to Sharpen Loppers
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