How do you shine dull hardwood floors?


There are many ways to shine dull hardwood floors. The simplest way is to mix equal parts plain vinegar and vegetable oil and spray it on or mop the floors with it. Some oil-based cleaning products like Murphy Oil Soap can also add shine. If floors remain dull after these basic steps, you might want to stain or refinish the wood.
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1. Vacuum the hardwood floors thoroughly, paying close attention to any small gaps between floor boards where crumbs or dust have gathered. 2. Mop the floor with a damp mop; allow
Hardwood floors are good choice to create an elegant ambience to your home. However, just like with any type of flooring, a hardwood floor will eventually dull. This is why it is
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Wash and rinse several times. If you find that your clean
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How to Shine Dull Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors add beauty and value to a home. But over time, hardwood floors begin to dull, no matter how well they are maintained, particularly in high-traffic areas. There are numerous commercial wood cleaners to choose from, however, many of these... More »
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