How do you shoot trap?


In order to shoot trap, it is important that one keeps both eyes open when approaching the shooting area. Next, one should snap the shotgun stock to the shoulder pocket as soon as the target appears in the air. Finally, quickly pull the trigger with equal and firm pressure.
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1. Shoot targets by yourself before playing with others. Competitive trap and skeet shooting is generally played by teams of five, although there are also singles and doubles competitions
The basic premise behind trap shooting is to shoot and break a moving target before it hits the ground. This type of shooting once used live pigeons for the target. However, a pigeon
You must have a gun that fits you, shoots where you look and in which you have
Shooting Trap/Skeet. I recently joined a local gun club north of Detroit, Michigan. Most shooting facilities have "member" and "non-member" rates. For the casual
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How to Shoot Trap
In the sport of shotgunning, trap shooting is perhaps the most unpredictable. Unlike skeet, trap targets are thrown in random trajectories. This is meant to keep the shooters on their toes and more closely resembles field conditions, particularly those... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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