How to Shoot up Coke?


People that are addicted to coke and shoot it up dissolve the coke in some distilled water. They apply some heat to it to get it well dissolved. They will use some cotton as a filter before drawing the cocaine up into a hypodermic needle. There are many dangers in doing this and of course, it is against the law.
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1. Get a new coke can (unopened) Ad. 2. Get a thumb-tack. 3. Punch a hole with the thumb-tack in the top of the coke can. 4. Cover hole with thumb. 5. While covered, shake well. 6
coke dose.
The chemical reaction between surface and sugar of the Mentos and C...
The thought of a reaction makes no sense at all because carbon dioxide is already there. The carbon dioxide is simply released. This website gives a logical explanation as to what
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Most people prefer the traditional way. Add a few ice cubes to a cup and pour the coke over them for a cool and refreshing treat. It's much easier this way, and tastes great!
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