How to shoot up crack?


To use crack-cocaine intravenously you will first have to dissolve the rock in some sort of fluid. This can be water or vinegar or another liquid. You will need to heat it up to get it to dissolve. Once cooled, you can draw it up in the needle and inject.
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1. Align yourself for the shot. To shoot a lay up your shoulders should either be parallel with the backboard if you are in the middle of the floor or perpendicular with the direction
Place crack on the tip of a bullet, place gullett in gun, put gun to your head and pull the trigger! Crack kills.
In terms of the end result, they are pretty much the same... Not to be flip, it's just that I lost my best friend in college to heroin -- and he had gone from being a straight A student
1. Observe videos of people who have played the game already. Watching other players play through a stage may help you understand how it is possible, and it could help you pass the'em-Ups
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