How do you shoot up morphine?


To shoot up morphine, firstly remove the outer coating by scraping the coat and crush it up with a hose clamp. Then put the crushed pill in a spoon and squirt water on the mixture. Grab a lighter and hold the flame beneath the spoon until the mixture boils. Put your cotton on your spoon and place a needle on top of it, then pull back the liquid as you can. Once all the liquid is pulled out there will be milky clear water and some air. When shooting make sure you give yourself time to let your rig cool off. Then grab your bicep and stick the needle on the vain.
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Not Medical Advice: Injecting Morphine Pills can cause low blood pressure, weak pulse, difficulty breathing, vomiting and the worst thing is coma.
1. Align yourself for the shot. To shoot a lay up your shoulders should either be parallel with the backboard if you are in the middle of the floor or perpendicular with the direction
It comes up as an opiate. Just like heroin or any opiate-based prescription painkiller. Like Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, etc. And it stays in the system for 72 hours.
1. When approaching the basket with a dribble, you can start to lay-up by gathering the ball two steps before the basket. Ad. 2. The player then takes one step with his right foot
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