How to Shorten Seiko Watch Bands?


To shorten a Seiko watch band you will need to remove links until it is the desired size. Use a small object such as a paperclip to push the pins out that will allow the links to be removed. Take the links out one by one until it is the perfect fit. Make sure to put the pins back in or the watch will fall apart.
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1. Identify the link you wish to remove. Only the three or four links on either side of the watch clasp are meant to be removed. Unlike the more permanent links, these links are attached
The manual for my watch did not say anything about how to adjust the band, but it's not hard if you have some simple tools. If you examine the links carefully, on the back you will
You can find here step-by-step instructions with pictures: How to shorten a metal watchband It is for a casio watch, but the watchband has the same principle with "arrows"
1. Grab your Casio watch and flip it inside out so that the inside of the band and the back of the timepiece itself is exposed and facing toward you. Decide on what object will be
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How to Shorten Seiko Watch Bands
To shorten a Seiko watch band you will need to remove at least one link from the watch band. The steps for doing this apply to all types of metal Seiko watch bands. This is a simple process that can be completed by anyone, regardless of whether they have... More »
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