How to Show Compassion?


Show a genuine interest in the other person's suffering. Listen to their problems without interrupting. Use body language that shows interest and that you agree with them, such as nodding your head at an appropriate time. If you know the person well enough, a warm hug goes a long way to comforting a distressed friend. Think of something special to do for him or her, whether it's cooking a meal, sending a little gift, or anything else that could brighten their day and let them know that someone truly cares.
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To make a compass you need a sewing needle, cork, small bar magnet and a small glass of water. Push the needle through the cork and float the cork in the glass of water. It will fine
1. Hold the compass steady directly in front of you. Keep it flat so that the needle points to north. 2. Turn the compass cover until the needle lines up with the orienting arrow
1. Draw a circle the size you want your compass to be. Cross the circle with a horizontal and vertical line to mark the center point of the circle. 2. Draw a 50-degree diagonal line
1. Locate the compass's adjustment screw for east and west. Note the plus and minus directions for the screw as well as the type of screw (slotted or Phillips) and retrieve the appropriate
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