How to Show Respect in Different Cultures?


Manners around the world starts with respect for differences. Not all cultures are the same. Generally speaking, we can be ourselves as long as you remain friendly and courteous. Always keep in mind that we are the guest in someone else's country.
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1. Be open and honest in your communication. Young children are remarkably intuitive and are likely to sense the sincerity and validity of what you tell them. Unveil your vulnerabilities
be nice and respectful to others.
You can show respect for others by addressing them correctly depending on their age and their status. You also show respect by the tone in your voice when you are speaking.
1. Develop an open mind. Open the doors of your mind to accepting what other people believe in. Try not to stereotype or brush things off when you haven't actually taken a closer
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Different cultures in other countries show respect by using different types gestures. For example, in Asia, a person will bow from waist instead of providing a handshake to show respect. In Russia, close friends will greet each other with a kiss.
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Roman Empire and Han Dynasty had differences in culture and tradition. The similarities were values, respect and duty. They had different locations that caused ...
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