How to Shrink Blue Jeans?


Throw your blue jeans in the washer on the hottest cycle. Let the washing machine cycle complete and then throw them in the dryer on the hottest drying cycle. Heat shrinks jeans so let them over dry in the drying machine. Take them out and see if their to your liking. If not, repeat.
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1. Try the new jeans on and determine how much you would like them to shrink. Ask a sales associate when you purchase the jeans how much you can expect them to shrink if you wash
Learning how to shrink jeans is a great way to keep your favorite pants if you've lost weight or bought the wrong size. Jeans won't look right unless they fit you perfectly, so don't
1. Check the label. If it says " 100% cotton" or "pre-shrunk" then it is possible to shrink them. Otherwise, they probably won't shrink they may just fade or stretch
Don't wash them in hot water, don't put them in the dryer! It depends on whether they're regular non-stretch jeans, or if the jeans have lycra/spandex/any kind of stretch in them.
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How to Shrink Blue Jeans
It can often be hard to find clothes that fit perfectly right off the rack. Blue jeans are one of the hardest items of clothing to shop for because the shape of the bottom half of a person varies greatly from person to person. So what can you do if you... More »
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To prevent blue jeans from fading, turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. It also helps to wash jeans in cold water. Hanging them to ...
To bleach dark blue jeans, pour about a gallon of bleach into your kitchen sink and soak the jeans. Once they are bleached, put them in the washing machine using ...
Blue Jeans can be faded with several different products. R.I.T is a popular product to fade blue jeans. Hot water is another method. You can also use bleach as ...
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