How to Shrink Corduroy?


To shrink corduroy, wash it in your washing machine with hot water. Dry the material in a tumble dryer on high heat and they should have shrank a bit. They may or may not shrink a whole lot depending on what other fabric, if any, they are mixed with.
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1. Vacuum your corduroy upholstered pieces thoroughly to remove as much dust and loose soil as possible. 2. Find an inconspicuous spot on your furniture and test the Woolite wipes
1 Use either washing powder or liquid clothes washing detergent. It is best to wash corduroy separately from other clothes, especially clothes that leave lint, such as towels, flannelette
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The best way to shrink corduroy is to machine wash in hot water and then machine dry on the hottest temperature setting. If you need that clothing item even smaller, then a seamstress would have to sew them smaller.
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