How do I shrink muscular calves?


There is still a way to shrink muscular calves. After every exercise, make sure to stretch them. This will help elongate them instead of bulking them up.
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If you got big calves from playing soccer, then your calves will return to their normal size when you have stopped playing soccer. Muscle atrophies. So, if you have stopped playing
The calf muscle is made up of the gastrocnemius and the soleus on the back of the lower leg. The calves can become too large for your liking due to physical training methods, genetics
put them in a tub of hot water for an hour.
There are many non specific exercise machines which will do for calve work
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The process for reducing the size of a woman's calf muscles is dependent upon the woman's current activity level, diet and body type. According to In Shape magazine ...
There are many different ways a person can shrink their calves. One way is by doing cardio exercises such as running, walking and swimming. Another way is by doing ...
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