How do you sight with a red dot scope?


It is not a very difficult task. All you need is the guidance on sighting it. This is for a Red Dot Sight Model DDAC. Give it try or use the techniques. For more information look here: Red Dot Sight;
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1. Set up your target at the desired range. Install your laser boresighter by inserting the stem of the device down the barrel. Turn on your red dot scope by turning the brightness
To zero your riflescope, Set your first target at about 25-yards. Shoot three shots from a solid rest, making sure you hold your red dot on the bullseye the same way each time. Note
1 Take the outer box off the two match boxes. Don't lose them, you'll need them later. Ad 2 Make a hole in the backside of one of the match boxes (approx. 4mm across) with the scissors
hmm for paintball, i would suggest a small piece of glass carved into an oval-ish shape longer than higher and permanent fine-tip marker looks rly good Here 's one to buy This one
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