How do you sight with a red dot scope?


It is not a very difficult task. All you need is the guidance on sighting it. This is for a Red Dot Sight Model DDAC. Give it try or use the techniques. For more information look here: Red Dot Sight;
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1. Determine the conditions under which you will use your crossbow. Find out what the wind speed and direction are likely to be, as well as whether precipitation is expected. You
Take the upper off. Remove the bolt. Lay it upright on a rest. Align the barrel to something by looking through it. Adjust the sight to point to the same place. When you can look
1 Take the outer box off the two match boxes. Don't lose them, you'll need them later. Ad 2 Make a hole in the backside of one of the match boxes (approx. 4mm across) with the scissors
If you don't have a manual, contact the maker.
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