How do you sight with a red dot scope?


It is not a very difficult task. All you need is the guidance on sighting it. This is for a Red Dot Sight Model DDAC. Give it try or use the techniques. For more information look here: Red Dot Sight;
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1. Determine the conditions under which you will use your crossbow. Find out what the wind speed and direction are likely to be, as well as whether precipitation is expected. You
You need to understand your wind and elevation in relationship to your rifle and scope. From that knowledge it becomes easier to scope.
You shoot it a couple of time and then adjust the dot in the red dot sight to point to where the bullets were hitting. Then shoot a couple more and adjust again.
A few hundred dollars.
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A laser sight is a way to get better shots at something. It works by pointing the dot (commonly red) at your target. If you stand completely still, the bullet ...
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