How to Measure Bolt Size.?


1. Measure the diameter of the shank. The shank is the shaft-like part of the bolt. Use calibers to obtain an accurate measure of the shank's diameter. In the above example, 1/2 inch is the shank's diameter. It is the first measurement used to
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How to Size Bolts
Bolts are cylindrical threaded fasteners that lock up by screwing into another object that has an internal thread formed into it. Bolts are used in almost all types of mechanical devices, and are also used to put together majority of the things that you... More »
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Impossible to answer as asked.
E size bolts are equal to 1/4-20 inch. You can find them in hardware stores such as Home Depot and
David, Unfortunately, not even the parts guide nor the service manual tells of the bolt size. For something as specific and vital as your crank pulley bolts, I would highly recommend
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To size bolts begin by measuring the diameter and length of the shaft part on the bolt with calibers. Then count the threads on the shaft. The next step is to ...
Impossible to answer as asked. ...
Impossible to answer as asked. ...
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