How to Skip Rope like a Boxer?


To jump like a boxer, first, do one jump and then do two sets of two jumps. Next, do three sets of three and continue this progression up to the point where you can skip for 10 sets of 10. Every time you miss a jump, go back and repeat the level before. Do this workout at least four times a week.
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Lennox Lewis.
It's great cardio exercise. People tend to underestimate the carido endurance that is needed to box. The best quote I've heard so far is "it's like running a marathon while being
1. Get the proper size rope. Yes, size does matter. If the rope is too long, it will drag on the ground and you won’t be able to jump. On the other hand, if the rope is too
Known as jump rope, skip rope, rope jumping, and skipping, the activity dates back to ancient
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You can learn how to skip like a boxer either by walking in to a gym or by buying a skipping rope and starting to train on your self. To learn you must start with ...
To skip like a boxer keep your elbows slightly bent, then tilt your head slightly while your hands are at your sides. To successfully skip try to keep your upper ...
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