How to Slow down Your Period?


Having a period is a natural process that is out of our control. There is no surefire way to slow down your period.
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1. Remove any sources of stress on the body. If performing a stressful task, stop performing it. If in a stressful situation, leave the area for a quieter, more peaceful one. 2. Exercise
Try to use a tampon every so often when your on your period with heavy bleeding. I tried it and it worked. So it should work for you.
1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit back and relax. It may also be good if the room is dark, so dim down the lights a bit, close the blinds, and leave one or two lights on in
Hey please help, I just got my period this morning out of all days :\ cuz today I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend and I don't want him to get stained or feel more
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