How to Slow down Your Period?


Having a period is a natural process that is out of our control. There is no surefire way to slow down your period.
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1. Research different forms of birth control using local health care clinics, the Internet or library. Oral contraceptives, injections or implanted devices offer beneficial effects
Most people are trying to speed up their metabolism. But if you really must slow it down the easiest way is to eat high calorie foods. Go ahead and add those dressings and sauces
Slow down? You mean you bleed a lot? There are medicine for that so ask your doctor. Birth control pills also makes it better.
1 Assess the situation. Is the relationship too emotional, physical, or both? Some people do indeed get 'freaked out' if they feel they are falling too quickly for their partner.
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There is a few ways that can work to slow down your menstral period. You can get on birth control pills if you are not already on them. Tips on slowing down ...
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A slow flood normally builds over a period of time and is caused by water overflowing from a dam. This kind of flood gets its time to get there and also stays ...
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