How to Smooth a Wrinkled Poster?


Smooth the base of tour hand over the wrinkle carefully until it is flat. It is sometimes recommended you steam away wrinkles for especially wrinkled posters.
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1. Position the glass or plastic insert of your frame over a very thin piece of cardboard. Use a craft knife to cut around the sides of your insert to match the size. Turn the glass
To help flatten a wrinkled poster you can iron them! Put the iron on a medium
While there are some chemical conditions that can cause a vinyl swimming pool liners to wrinkle, wrinkles most often occur in a previously unwrinkled swimming pool liners during the
I have a bunch of posters that are a few years old now, that I framed myself...just cheap, $10-15 frames that I got from craft stores like Michael's or AC Moore. But for some reason
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How to Smooth a Wrinkled Poster
Posters are great as souvenirs and memorabilia, but if you buy a poster away from home or order it online, it may arrive at your home in less than perfect condition. Posters can also develop wrinkles after hanging in a frame for some time. While a... More »
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