How do you snort Concerta?


You can snort Concerta by soaking the pill and then cutting them into two pieces. You will then need to remove the outer coating off by rubbing it. You will have to use a razor to scrape off the outer waxy coating. Then what is left can be crushed and snorted. Most people report it is not worth the effort at all. Using prescription medication that isn't yours in any way can have negative side effects and is illegal.
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Basically for like 10-15 minutes you get jumpy. But not just like easily scared. More like lock yourself in your room, turn off all your lights and close the curtains. But this is
Things You'll Need. Concerta prescription. Computer with Internet connection. Printer. Instructions. Talk to your health care professional about obtaining a prescription for Concerta
1. Drink lots of water. Medications work better with water. Your body is made out of 95 % water. 2. Let yourself go a little bit the first week, but don't start any new relationships
Actually, Concerta targets norepinephrine receptor sites, not dopamine. Adderall is a dopamine agonist. In general Adderall is more stimulating and can result in side effects to that
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If you are interested in snorting concerta, it is advised that you do not do so. It is dangerous and could either cause serious damage or even death. For more information look here: A great video about snorting concerta:;
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