How to Soften Hardened Brown Sugar?


You can soften brown sugar by simply adding a couple of slices of apple to it. Then allow it to stay sealed up until the next day. The sugar should have softened up overnight.
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Brown sugar that sits in a box, bag, and cabinet for a while is bound to become hard and stick together, often making the sugar more difficult to portion for baking. However, you can soften brown sugar so that it works well with recipes. You can simply place the brown sugar in the microwave and place a container of water with it. Nuke both items in 30 second increments till the sugar has softened. You can also place the sugar in a container of sliced apples for a couple of days until it is soft.
There are actually a few ways to soften hard brown sugar, so don't throw it out! You can try placing it in a bowl and microwave it for a few seconds and it should soften right up. You can also get a zip lock bag and place the sugar in it and also place a piece of bread in with it and seal it up. Wait for a couple of hours and it should soften for you.
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Fill the small bowl half full (or half empty depending on your personality type :-) with tap water. Place it in the larger bowl next to the block of brown sugar. Place the larger
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To soften brown sugar, put the dry sugar in a glass bowl in microwave with another glass bowl of water. Nuke for a minute or two. Will soften it right up. You can also put in a cut
To soften brown sugar that has hardened, place the box in the microwave
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You can soften hard brown sugar by putting it in an airtight container with a piece of fresh, moist bread on top and leave it overnight. Or, add some drops of ...
You can put hard brown sugar into a microwave for ten seconds or so in order to soften it. After warming it up a bit it is easy to break apart with a small wooden ...
There are several ways in which a person can soften brown sugar that has hardened. First of all, a person can put the brown sugar in a zip lock bag and add a slice ...
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