How to Solve Piecewise Functions?


Piecewise functions are equations that are evaluated as to how the variable acts. To solve the problem, it is made into two or more separate equations and solved separately.
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You'll need to find the domain or range of the piecewise function, and plot it on a graph. You can solve the equation for f, or x, depending on what's asked of you, by multiplying
1. Calculate the piecewise function by anti-differentiating the derivatives piecewise using the power rule for antiderivatives: if f'x) = A, f(x) = Ax + C. For example, if a piecewise
when x is not 2 you can just plug in points but its a linear upwards line going through the origin and the point (4,2) but when x =2 you just put a point at (2,2) Piecewise functions
To solve piecewise functions 1st you evaluate the problem then solve for the
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