How to Solve Poverty?


I think that if the government would make money for the people and not for the banks, give out equal amounts to every single person to start fresh. You can find more information here:
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By allowing people access to the resources that sustain them.
We can solve it by creating more jobs for those who can't get
I'm not sure it would solve any problems. Take my country, Kenya, for example. The majority of Kenya(the rural area) is already so ultra collaborative, you have to see it to believe
donations don't help poor peoples best way is to learn from china, make jobs opportunities, that's the only way,and this is the reason china is in good position then other countries
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Poverty is a world wide crisis. There are people in your own community that is suffering from poverty. It is best to serve in local shelters and donate food, clothes, and money to various homeless shelters to help people. You can find more information here:
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Social problems will always be an issue. While completely solving them is not an option, reducing them is. Inferiority, superiority, and poverty will always be ...
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