How can you solve a riddle?


A riddle is a question having a double or indirect meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. The most important thing to keep in mind when attempting to crack hard riddles is that they are meant to trick you. Usually riddles are made of a few different lines, so the best plan of starting to solve your riddle is to break it into convenient chunks. Once you have your clues separated, you must look at them independently to come up with any likely riddle answers.
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1. Read the riddle once to yourself; then read it again out loud. Make a list of all the obvious answers. As you determine which are most likely incorrect, cross them out. 2. Examine
1 Puzzles are known to challenge ingenuity. While they are a form of entertainment, they can provide tough challenges for the brain, such as mathematical or logistical problems. They
well what you just said made no sence.
That's tricky. Send me the riddle and I'll see what I can come up
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How to Help Solve Riddles
Riddles are one of the earliest forms of poetry, dating back centuries in our history, as stated on the official website of the Victoria and Albert Museum, a museum of art and design. The first riddles had a form in verse, whereas nowadays riddles come... More »
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Solving a riddle is actually not as hard as most people realize. Usually, there are hidden facts or tumblers available. Watch for clues that could point to 'two's', for example, we all have 2 parents, so if a riddle only mentions 1 parent be on the lookout for the other 1. Also look for missing evidence, plays on words, etc.
Solving riddles can be tough but not impossible and it's a good idea to take your time when reading them. Sometimes riddles are tricky because the answers may be right there within the riddle.
Solving riddles take skills and thinking really hard to solve the problem. Riddles are meant to make you think and smile at the same time. You have to figure the concept out when it comes to riddles.
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