How to Spank a Teenager?


Teenagers aren't typically spanked for doing something wrong. To do it effectively, they should be somewhat accepting or you may get injured in the process. Put them over a chair and smack their bottom repeatedly.
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Donttt they will commit suicide or kill you. Personal experience I was in jail for 30 years for killing my mom :(
There are no general rules about punishment given by parents, but
Oh heck! Why just stop at spanking? Just beat her or stone her and that'll teach her what America is about, right? Then, let her grow up and learn the enemies of this nation are treated
Because teenagers forget they are not grown adults they are kids. If a teenager deserves to get a spanking then they should get one. Just because you are a teenager doesn't mean you
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It may be a little harder to spank a teenager but you can always try. You can take stuff away from them and not let them go anywhere on the weekends. Make them ...
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