How do you speed up your thyroid?


According to The Dr. Oz Show, speeding up the metabolism can be done by eating foods rich in iodine and avoiding foods known as goitrogens, which slow down the metabolism. Working out every day and enhancing thyroid function with supplements also helps to increase the thyroid function.

The Dr. Oz Show goes on to include specific foods which are rich in iodine and beneficial to the thyroid. These foods include low-fat cheese, cow's milk, eggs, low-fat ice cream, yogurt, shellfish, soy sauce, seaweed and freshwater fish. Goitrogen foods, on the other hand, slow the thyroid by blocking it from producing the hormones necessary for optimal function. These foods, which should be eaten sparingly, include almonds, cauliflower, pears, Brussels sprouts, corn, cabbage, peaches, peanuts and spinach. The Dr. Oz Show advises to eat these foods every four days at the most.

According to the Dr. Oz Show, exercise is vital for optimum thyroid function. Exercise should consist of at least three sessions per week at a minimum of 40 minutes per session. Workouts should be mildly physical, pushing the body until it is out of breath. Supplements such as guggulsterone or guggulipids, taken regularly, also help to regulate the thyroid function gently.

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