How to Spiral Curl Short Hair?


You can spiral short hair by using a curling iron and or curling rods that are small enough to curl short hair which would be five eighth and or smaller. Be sure that the rod and or curling iron is up and down and not on its side. The spiral curl is created by the position of the iron and or rod.
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1. Turn on your hot rollers, and wait for them to heat up. 2. Separate your hair into a top section and a bottom section. 3. Put the top section of your hair into a hair clip. 4.
1. Find a suitable, strong styling product. Hairspray or gel are ideal. Ad. 2. Purchase very small curlers. If you cannot find these, use small lollipop/sucker sticks cut in half.
Following the right tips on how to curl your hair will give you whatever curly style you want, whether they be tight spirals or loose waves. Gone are the days of sleek and over straightened
Not long at all if you are fast and efficient, Around 8-10 minutes using layers, but if you don't bother with layers then about 5-8 minutes. I'd definitely recommend using layers
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How to Spiral Curl Short Hair
If you have hort hair you may find it difficult to spiral curl it using traditional styling implements such as curling irons or rollers. You can, however, create nice, lasting, spiral curls using everyday household items.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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